What is an ally?

An ally is more than a supporter. Becoming an ally is a lifelong process of building relationships that are based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals and/or groups of people. Take on the work of becoming a champion: call out inappropriate behavior, do unconscious bias training regularly, and intentionally utilize different recruitment methods to attract and retain diverse and under-represented people. Make a difference—lend your power, voice and actions.

Become an ally and lend your voice to supporting women through the challenges they face in their career and life. Take an active stance to help workplaces evolve to enable equity. Empower more women to transform business outcomes.

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Allies are champions that change the world and challenges the way things are to make it better for everyone. Become a Woman In Revenue Ally today.

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Truly make the world better by sharing your stories of allyship with our members and broader community.

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Grow with us. Continue your ongoing development and effectiveness as an ally—access our insights, tools, and other research.

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Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to gain new insights, foster genuine relationships, and expand my professional network through Women in Revenue. I am so grateful to be part of this empowering community. Cheers to the powerful women driving and supporting this mission!
Christina Mitine, Communications Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

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