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Women in Revenue Appoints First Executive Director, Deanna Ransom, to Lead Community in its Mission of Workplace Equity

Former CMO and Sales Executive Brings Unique Blend of Corporate, Non-Profit, and DEI Leadership to Community Empowering Women in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2022 – Women in Revenue (WIR), a non-profit created to empower and elevate women in sales, marketing, and customer success careers, today announced Deanna Ransom as the organization’s first Executive Director. Deanna is an experienced business leader with a distinguished sales and marketing career. She is the former global head of marketing and DE&I Chairperson at Televerde and has held senior leadership roles at companies such as SAP, Clarivate Analytics, and Merck & Co. She rose from inside sales to sales executive to the C-suite in marketing, all while working to empower women through her leadership in women’s initiatives and nonprofit organizations.

Deanna takes the helm in a period of huge growth and momentum for the organization, which provides a platform for women to connect, gain visibility, and learn. The Women in Revenue community grew by leaps and bounds in the past year, closing 2021 with more than 6,000 members. The organization’s recently introduced mentorship matching platform has received rapid adoption. The mission has also attracted the continued support of corporate sponsors including Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, Qumu, 6sense, Alation, Allocadia, Chili Piper, Clari, Demand Frontier, Folloze, Go Nimbly, InsideView, Metadata, SalesLoft, Terminus, and Winning by Design.

“Early results from our annual survey say that more than 45 percent of women in revenue considered quitting their job, or actually did quit, in 2021,” said Deanna Ransom, executive director of Women in Revenue. “This is a time of change for women in business and they are seeking out education, support, and mentorship to be successful in the right career path.

“When I joined Women in Revenue as a board member it was because the women, mission and organization were perfectly aligned with my passion and goals. We want to provide world-changing equity and inclusion while empowering women,” Deanna continued. “I’m committed to achieving our goal of 100 percent equity for women while being a propelling force of good for our community, sponsors, and the world. We are aligning purpose, passion, and timing to create life-changing outcomes for everyone connected!”

Deanna has been an active member of the Women in Revenue community and was appointed to the board in 2021. She was integral in the formation of the community’s diversity, equity, and inclusion programming, including spearheading an upcoming program to help companies nurture employee resource groups (ERGs).

“Deanna is an absolute rockstar,” said Shari Johnston, founder and chair of the board of Women in Revenue. “She has a unique and spectacular skill-set. She’s ‘one of us’–a woman in revenue. She’s had to overcome hardships as a woman in a business leadership role. Plus she has the non-profit leadership experience we need. Her passion for the cause, her vision for how to activate change, and her diverse point of view all make her the perfect person to lead us to the next level of growth and accomplish our mission of empowering and elevating women to achieve workplace equity.”

“In all the time since I’ve been honored to work with Deanna across three different companies, she has been a positive force for change in the sales, marketing, and leadership communities,” added Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group and Author of Mean People Suck. “Her example has been an inspiration to me and in this new role I am sure she will inspire countless current and future women in revenue.”

Deanna is a tireless advocate for women who has worked her entire career to make a difference empowering women – through music, DE&I, and business. She is a leader with more than 25 years of experience in both B2B and non-profit sectors recognized for her acumen for driving growth and transformation. Deanna’s non-profit work includes founding an organization to empower women, work with multiple women’s shelters, and serving as the President of the National Association of Professional Women, Philadelphia Chapter which she grew from a membership of 350 to well over 1,000 women.

Deanna is a recording artist, speaker, coach, trainer, and mentor. Her work at Televerde earned her the honor of winning the 2020 B2B Vanguard Award for Innovation from DemandGen Report.

About Women in Revenue

Women in Revenue (WIR) is a non-profit organization created to empower and elevate women working in sales, marketing, and customer success with the ultimate goal of workplace equity, WIR provides free mentorship, community, education, and events to connect women and provide the safe space, support, and inspiration they need to grow in their careers. Founded and run almost entirely by volunteers, WIR has grown to more than 5,000 members since its founding in 2018. WIR is supported by esteemed sponsors including Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, Qumu, and others. For more information or to become a WIR member, go to:

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