Women in Revenue Goes Live to Empower Women with WIR TV


Women in Revenue (WIR), a non-profit created to empower and elevate women in sales, marketing, revops, and customer success careers, today announced WIR TV. Made up of two live streaming channels, WIR TV will tackle the hard, hyper-relevant issues that impact today’s women in revenue-generating roles. WIR TV programming is real-talk conversations with industry experts, influencers, and everyday, powerful women. Inspired by Women in Revenue’s Speakers Bureau, WIR TV tackles a core mission of the group–increasing the visibility of women and elevating their voices.

“We’ve seen strides in equality for women over the decades but recently we are experiencing unprecedented setbacks and attacks,” said Deanna Ransom, WIR executive director. “Now more than ever, we need to amplify women’s voices and highlight our specific needs in order to achieve real equality and inclusion. WIR TV is a platform for women to move forward together while learning and changing the game for everyone.”

WIR TV launches tomorrow with a live event. Viewers can tune in via their favorite platform (YouTubeLinkedInFacebook, or Twitter) on Tuesday, July 12 at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET. The very first show, “Balance and Tech As a Strategic Support and Not a Weapon” will be hosted by Deanna Ransom, executive director of Women in Revenue, and will feature high-level women executives including Marge Breya, the CMO of Leadspace. The panel will discuss the double-edged sword of technology, and how different genders’ approach to technology can impact business outcomes, career growth, employee satisfaction, etc.

“As a startup executive in RevTech, I look for new and exciting ways to reach forward-leaning, motivated Go-to-Market professionals,” said Marge Breya, CMO of Leadspace. “WIR TV is poised to be the go-to place for real-world advice and conversations around our profession, careers, and the workplace. Leadspace is excited to be a part of WIR TV’s inaugural launch.”

WIR TV will initially include two channels. WIR TV Channel 1 – Equity, Excellence, and Inclusion launches tomorrow. Channel 2 – Acceleration, Elevation, and Winning will follow next month with more live content. WIR TV sponsors include 6sense, Adobe, Cattle Dog Digital, Sendoso, Leadspace, Demandbase, Alation, Bombora, Demand Frontier, Folloze, Inverta, Terminus, US Cellular, and Winning by Design.

Ransom continued, “We are at a critical moment. We are watching women do more, work harder, and make tremendous accomplishments while losing hard-won ground and rights. The genius of women needs a megaphone. WIR TV, through the support of our sponsors, allies and supporters, is here to make sure that women have an outlet to be heard and drive change for good when we need it most.”

WIR Speakers Bureau
WIR’s overall mission is creating 100 percent equity for women in revenue-generating roles. As part of that mission, WIR strives to ensure women are heard and respected in order to drive change and help companies better support the growth of their leaders. Professional advancement is directly connected to visibility, influence, and acceptance as a thought leader. WIR Speakers Bureau helps members to power their personal brand and increase thought leadership experience through three paths:

  • Speaker training to develop the skills women need to own the stage and present with influence
  • A platform to increase visibility for women with something to say, including WIR events and WIR TV
  • Speaker placement at third-party events

About Women in Revenue Women in Revenue (WIR) is a non-profit organization created to empower and elevate women working in marketing, sales and customer success with the ultimate goal of workplace equity. WIR provides mentorship, speaker development and opportunities, community, education, and events to connect women and provide the safe space, support, and inspiration they need to grow in their careers. WIR has grown to more than 6,000 members since its founding in 2018. WIR is supported by esteemed sponsors including Adobe, Demandbase, Sendoso, 6sense, and others. For more information or to become a WIR member, go to: womeninrevenue.org