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How Demandbase Creates a Work Environment Filled with Opportunity for Women

No doubt you’ve heard that a shocking number of women left the workforce in the past year (2.4 million according to Women in Revenue’s 2021 Survey). How do we create work environments that bring some of those women back? Perhaps the best place to start is to tackle key issues that disproportionately affect women.

The pandemic has blurred the lines between work and life. Veteran sales leader and Demandbase Chief Revenue Officer Allison Metcalfe says understanding and making room for all of our priorities is critical. The leaders must lead so that their teams can follow. 

“My calendar has always been public. I do not make my doctor appointments, kid priorities, or vacation time private. I want people to see me taking time off and having a life. I’ve used my out-of-office message to say, ‘I am on vacation. I am staying off email. And you should too!’”

Finding meaningful connections with colleagues are important too. Being a part of an organization whose charter is to “elevate and encourage future female leaders” — we’re looking at you Women in Revenue — gives like-minded women a space to bounce ideas off one another and to spur personal growth.

Metcalfe has watched WiR grow and flourish with involvement from a number of women she admires. She appreciates the way WiR takes action, instead of simply discussing a problem. And she’s enthusiastic about the impact Women in Revenue can have in advancing opportunities for women in sales and marketing.

Like Women in Revenue, the team at Demandbase encourages employees to grow, become thoughtful leaders, and make an impact. Chief People Officer, Landon Pearson, notes that the company fosters a culture of belonging. “We’re focused on creating an equitable environment where everyone can bring their authentic selves, contribute, and be valued.”

Employees want to grow too. Doing the same thing day in, day out, year after year leads to burnout and low engagement. Having highly energized and engaged employees who see the impact of their work is key to Demandbase’s culture. At Demandbase, leaders foster a company that invests in learning and development. In fact, development is such a critical component of company culture that quarterly development conversations are part of every employee’s journey. “If our people aren’t developing, if we’re not helping them reach their potential, we’re not doing a good job,” said Pearson. 

Enabling people to map out their vertical growth is important, but so is giving them opportunities to stretch horizontally. That includes identifying their transferable skills that allow them to explore a breadth of career opportunities whether it’s in their discipline, or in a new field where they can be even more successful.

If you’re looking to join a rising star that’s defining the future of B2B go-to-market technology, please check out Demandbase. They’re growing quickly. There’s a place for you. Just click the link below!

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