Introducing: Women in Revenue

In August, having just finished up my fifth B2B SaaS startup as a marketing leader, I became increasingly passionate about how I could make more of a difference for all the amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of working with and mentoring throughout my career. I began discussing the idea with other talented women leaders to see how we might band together to help elevate women in sales and marketing.

In our discussions it became clear that we all saw a real need to address the lack of mentorship opportunities, diversity in the boardroom, and support needed to elevate women in their careers. I was overwhelmed with the positive responses and a resounding “absolutely” when asking if anyone was interested in joining me to make a difference.

Fast-forward a few months, I am proud to share that, along with my founding female sales and marketing leaders, we have launched Women in Revenue. Our mission: to provide mentorship, education, and networking opportunities to advance women’s careers.

We are excited to be hosting our first Women in Revenue event in January at no other than the gorgeous, exclusive, and notoriously male-centric Wingtip club in San Francisco. The topic for our inaugural event will cover the recently passed California legislation banning all-male boards in publicly traded companies in the state, and discuss what it takes for women to get a seat at the table.

To learn more about the event and our organization, please visit

Event Details

What: Women in Revenue inaugural event

California Says Goodbye to All-Male Boards, What it takes to get a seat at the table

When: January 24th 2018 @ 5:30pm

Where: Wingtip, San Francisco

A special thank you to those companies making waves to support diversity and inclusion including our event sponsors Invoca, SurveyMonkey, Integrate, 6Sense and Mixpanel.

About Women in Revenue

Women in Revenue was founded by a group of female B2B marketing and sales leaders who are passionate about elevating women at all levels. Through mentorship, education, and networking, the mission of Women In Revenue is to drive diversity and inclusion for women in the boardroom and beyond.