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Negotiating Your Worth: Wendee Lee Curtis’s Guide to Pay Equity and Professional Growth [Podcast Recap]

Connection, Evolving Identity, Pay Equity, and a Squad

In a compelling episode of the Resilient Revenue podcast, hosted by Women In Revenue, Wendee Lee Curtis shares her invaluable insights on connection, identity, pay equity, and the power of supportive networks. 

Read on to get actionable ideas, a powerful logic about why you need to demand what you’re worth, and a method to build a community that will help you thrive. 

Who is Wendee Lee Curtis?

Wendee is an accomplished entrepreneur and woman in revenue. What makes her extraordinary are her broad and diverse experiences as an MC, event host, veteran news anchor, and Broadway performer. These unique experiences offer critical lessons and valuable steps for women who have not taken the main stage in a major performance. By considering Wendee’s experiences, you will be inspired to negotiate your worth and achieve professional growth.

The Power of Connection for Professional Growth

“It’s so funny when you hear someone read back some of the things that you’ve done because in some really important ways I actually feel like I’m just getting started. I have morphed and transmuted through a series of different, seemingly disparate careers but they all had a through line which is the power of connection.”

Wendee Lee Curtis speaks about the essence of connection that threads through all her roles, whether on Broadway or the corporate stage. She emphasizes that no matter how different her career paths seem, the ability to connect deeply with people remains the constant driving force. In particular, she shares her lessons about Broadway – given four to six weeks to connect deeply with other people in a way that fills a theater for eight weeks thereafter. The key is to walk into a space both filled with your talent and your gifts, but also empty and open to collaboration and direction. 

This segment is a rallying cry for anyone who feels they are just getting started, no matter their past achievements.

Take this segment to reflect on your own career and realize the importance of connection in all professional and personal interactions. Wendee’s story encourages embracing change and recognizing that each new path can build on the power of connecting with others.

>> Start listening at 01:43.17 <<

The Impact of Societal Events on Black Women’s Professional Identity

“I don’t code switch anymore. I don’t straighten my hair unless I want to… I’m not interested in making myself palatable to the white gaze so that I can work. If I’m going to do this work, I’m gonna show up as me.”

Wendee shares a profound shift in her identity and approach to work following George Floyd’s death. She describes a newfound determination to reject the need to conform to others’ expectations, embracing her true self instead. This segment is a powerful testament to the personal and professional transformations that can arise from pivotal societal events. Wendee predicts that we will look back at the years 2020-2025 as a key timeframe for the rise of an entire group of black female millionaires – one that is currently flying under the radar of mainstream media.

Listeners will gain insight into the significant impact of societal events on personal identity and professional choices. Wendee’s decision to fully embrace her authentic self without compromise serves as an empowering example for others to follow.

>> Start listening at 29:07.85 <<

Negotiating Your Worth: Pay Equity and Salary Negotiation Tips

“For global conferences, multinational companies, MCs and moderators should be making between $10,000 and $15,000 thousand a day. I’m not going in for less.”

Wendee discusses the importance of understanding and demanding fair compensation. She highlights the disparities in pay between men and women in the same roles and shares practical advice on negotiating salaries confidently. The biggest hurdle is transparency, since it is sometimes difficult to identify a reasonable payscale. Wendee then reinforces the need for a CEO Squad to help clear up the murkiness around pay. This segment is a call to action for women to know their worth and to not settle for less.

This portion provides valuable, actionable advice for women negotiating salaries. Wendee’s direct approach and practical tips are essential and energizing for anyone looking to advocate for their financial worth in the workplace.

>> Start listening at 38:30.52 <<

Building a Supportive CEO Squad for Professional Growth

“I get that it’s not everyone’s zone of genius. So what I would say is get a squad. I have a squad. We call ourselves a ‘CEO Squad’ and everyone in my squad has a completely different business.”

Wendee emphasizes the importance of not just having a supportive community, but a “CEO Squad,” to provide guidance, feedback, and encouragement from a business standpoint. She explains how this group has been instrumental in her professional growth and success. This segment highlights the value of an easily accessible community who provides immediate feedback and collaboration in achieving personal and professional goals.

You’ll hear how Wendee uniquely leverages her CEO Squad, a core group of women who are not competing with her, but instead pushing her to greatness. Wendee’s experience demonstrates how collective wisdom and mutual support can lead to significant career advancements and personal development, just like Women In Revenue does for its members.

>> Start listening at 49:51.17 <<


Wendee Lee Curtis’s episode on “Resilient Revenue” is a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration. From the power of connection to the importance of pay equity, and from embracing one’s authentic self to building a supportive network, Wendee’s insights are invaluable. Her journey and advice are not just stories but powerful lessons that every listener can apply to their own lives.

Your Next Step

Tune in to this empowering episode to hear more from Wendee Lee Curtis and be inspired to own your achievements, seek out growth, and lift others as you climb.We hope her words will motivate you to embrace your true self, demand what you’re worth, and build the supportive networks to help you thrive!


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