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Women in Revenue Adds Five Women of Color to its Board of Directors Amid Unprecedented Organizational Growth


Women in Revenue (WIR), a non-profit organization created to empower and elevate women working in sales, marketing, and customer success, today announced five new members of its board of directors. The new board members are marketing and sales professionals from diverse backgrounds hailing from companies across the U.S. including Asana, Catchafire, Clari, MadKudu, and Senzing. The board additions come amid Women in Revenue’s huge 333 percent growth over the past year.

“We founded Women in Revenue with 12 members and some lofty goals and now three years later we are 5,000 women empowering each other. It’s incredible,” said Shari Johnston, founder of Women in Revenue. “Our membership has grown to encompass a diverse group of women across geographies, from different backgrounds, in different roles, and at different stages of their careers. But we share the experience of often being the only woman on a customer call, or on a sales team, or on an exec team, or on a board of directors. Our new board members were chosen to add fresh perspectives to our board and to reflect the diversity and inclusivity of our membership. I’m honored to serve with them.”

Women in Revenue is a community of professionals navigating the unique challenges of being women in sales and marketing organizations in some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the United States. WIR was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2018 and has since grown into a nationwide organization with more than 5,000 members, and is expanding globally.

The group’s rapid increase in membership during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine highlights the need for community and connection that many sellers and marketers felt last year. In response, WIR organized virtual events and a virtual networking support group. The vibrant Slack community is extremely active, with members networking, job hunting, recruiting, and helping one another every day. WIR provides free one-on-one and small group mentoring, networking opportunities, and educational events and publications.

All of the WIR new board members are active members in the community that have volunteered and led various committees for the organization. They were named to the board for their strong backgrounds in non-profit work, their experience as leaders and future leaders in sales and marketing. The new board members are:

  • Jessenia Francisco, marketing technology lead, Asana. Jessenia has held roles in sales ops and marketing ops at Asana. In the non-profit world, she served as the Executive Director of the New York chapter of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA).
  • Hana Jacover, director of demand generation, MadKudu. Hana has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and marketing ops and is a topic expert that teaches certification classes in sales operations. She is active with the Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA), and is a founding member of DemandGen Report’s Demanding Diversity Council.
  • Lynn Powers, mid-market sales director, Clari. Lynn has been in technology sales for more than five years at companies such as Oracle, Xactly, and Clari. She leads the marketing committee for WIR.
  • Deanna Ransom, head of global marketing, Senzing. Deanna has more than 20 years experience on both the sales and marketing sides of revenue teams at companies such as SAP, and Merck. She is an active member of marketing community organizations CMO Council, RevGenius and Peak Community.
  • Sha-Kim Wilson, senior director of strategic partnerships, Catchafire. Sha-Kim’s 20 years of sales experience spans healthcare and technology. Her non-profit work includes work with the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as founding and serving on the board of Helen’s Hands.

“Women in Revenue is a powerful transformational organization for women leaders in the revenue space,” said Deanna Ransom, Women in Revenue board member. “With the unprecedented growth the organization is experiencing, I’m excited to join the board to power the next generation vision to reach, equip, empower, and enlighten our members and allies for the ever changing world. I’ll measure our success in the growth and ongoing momentum of those connected to us which leads to an indelible mark on the world for good. This is why I’m joining the board and looking forward to serving with these amazing ladies.”

The new board members join the WIR current and esteemed former board members: Shari Johnston, Leah Allen, Andrea Austin, Cari Baldwin Jennifer Dimas, Tracy Eiler, Lauren Goldstein, Katherine Grunert, Jill Melchionda, Debe Rapson, Cristina Saunders, and Julia Stead.

Volunteer founded and run, WIR is entering its next phase of growth with the expansion of its leadership team. The board of directors’ next key piece of business will be to hire an Executive Director that will have strategic and operational responsibility for WIR programs, growth, staff and the execution of its mission.

Women in Revenue is supported by its generous sponsors: Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, Qumu, 6sense, Alation, Allocadia, Chili Piper, Clari, Demand Frontier, Folloze, Go Nimbly, InsideView,, SalesLoft, Terminus, and Winning by Design.

Women in Revenue is entirely free to join. To become a member, go to:

About Women in Revenue
Women in Revenue (WIR) is a non-profit organization created to empower and elevate women working in sales, marketing, and customer success with the ultimate goal of workplace equity, WIR provides free mentorship, community, education, and events to connect women and provide the safe space, support, and inspiration they need to grow in their careers. Founded and run almost entirely by volunteers, WIR has grown to more than 5,000 members since its founding in 2018. WIR is supported by esteemed sponsors including Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, Qumu, and others. For more information or to become a WIR member, go to:

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