Women in Revenue Launches Revenue Allies Mentorship Platform

Women in Revenue (WIR), a non-profit organization created to empower and elevate women working in sales, marketing, and customer success, today announced its new online platform for one-on-one professional mentorship. The platform expands the organization’s current mentorship program and furthers its mission of driving 100 percent equity for women in revenue positions. Women in Revenue has grown rapidly to more than 5000 members, highlighting the need for community and mentorship within women in revenue generating roles.

According to Women in Revenue’s 2021 annual survey, the need for mentorship is the one of the top three challenges facing women in sales and marketing. Only 31 percent of respondents said they have a current mentor. The Berkeley Haas School of Business found that women who have a mentor get more promotions, are paid more, and are happier at work.

“So many women in revenue leadership roles today had to forge their own paths, without the advice or support of a mentor. We want to change that trajectory,” said Shari Johnston, founder of Women in Revenue. “Women in Revenue was founded to drive workforce equity — and mentorship is one way to create that change. Today it’s even more critical. The pandemic has exacerbated existing work/life balance issues, and driven many women to leave the workforce or reevaluate their career paths. The need for mentorship has never been more urgent.”

“I truly believe when you mentor, two lives are changed for the good,” said Jill Melchionda, President, April Six and Women in Revenue Board Member. “With the ambitious and authentic women in this community, we learn and grow and find inspiration from each interaction.”

Revenue Allies
Women in Revenue’s one-on-one mentorship, Revenue Allies, is now available through an incredible new resource for the entire Women in Revenue community. This platform gives all women new opportunities to connect with and support others. The vibrant, growing platform will provide members with exclusive access to professional mentorship opportunities in a variety of forms. Each individual’s need for knowledge and support varies, depending on their experiences and goals. The new platform creates matches based on industry, experience, role, and shared goals. Once connected, members will have the opportunity to establish goals which are nurtured and guided through a support structure, and overseen by an experienced community leader. The platform makes communication and scheduling between mentors and mentees easy and seamless, alleviating one of the biggest barriers to mentorship among women–time.

Whether mentees are looking for a quick problem-solving session or ongoing inspiration and long-term mentorship, the program will allow our community to gain practical insights and expertise directly from today’s marketing, sales, and customer-success leaders. In addition, members who become mentors get the benefits of honing their leadership and communications skills, expanding their own networks, and giving back to the community.

Huddles and Flash Mentorship
In addition to the new mentorship platform, which facilitates one-on-one mentorship, Women in Revenue also hosts small, topic-based group sessions with experienced leaders for one-to-few mentor opportunities, and one-to-many mentorship through instructive live and on-demand events, in-person and virtual, that address topics to help the community.

Women in Revenue membership and the mentorship platform are entirely free. Become a Women in Revenue member here. Sign up as a mentor or mentee here through the Women in Revenue mentorship platform.

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