Women in Revenue Teams Up with GTM Partners to Help Women Revenue Leaders Supercharge Their Go-To-Market Expertise

Women in Revenue (WIR), a non-profit community created to empower and elevate women in sales, marketing, revops, and customer success careers, partners with go-to-market analyst firm GTM Partners, on the first data-driven Comprehensive Guide to Go-To-Market. The guide introduces an 8-pillar GTM Operating System to help companies identify and map efficient growth opportunities and will be available to all Women in Revenue members. Education is a key initiative for Women in Revenue, which strives to provide learning and knowledge on topics helpful to women to both hit their revenue goals, and grow their careers. Access to the guide is a strategic advantage for members to better understand the state of go to market which has changed drastically and is an area of struggle for many organizations.

The first-of-its-kind guide includes data and insights provided by G2.

“This guide is like a secret weapon for our members who are driving and supporting go-to-market strategy and motions,” said Deanna Ransom, executive director of Women in Revenue. “WIR members are leaders or future leaders. We want to provide them with every advantage we can to gain working knowledge that supports their growth and performance. We’re always looking for the best resources to empower them to acquire or maintain a seat at the table that is shaping the future of business. With this guide, our members get access to a GTM framework so they can implement data-based GTM motions and plays that help accelerate revenue.”

The Comprehensive Guide to GTM deep dives into

  • The current state of GTM
  • The evolution of Marketing and Sales functions and their role in GTM
  • A unifying definition for GTM and the roles and responsibilities of CEO, CMO, CROs, and more
  • An 8-pillar GTM Operating System that helps companies approach GTM more holistically
  • A use-case-based GTM Technology Cloud that helps organizations identify the right tech to support their GTM process
  • Key trends that are driving the GTM Technology Landscape, in partnership with G2

“We absolutely need more female revenue leaders and we support Women In Revenue and their efforts for professional parity and equal pay,” says Sangram Vajre, Co-founder and CEO of GTM Partners. “The more women leaders we have owning GTM the more women revenue leaders we will need to create.”

About Women in Revenue:

Women in Revenue (WIR) is a non-profit organization created to empower and elevate women working in marketing, sales and customer success with the ultimate goal of workplace equity. WIR provides mentorship, speaker development and opportunities, community, education, and events to connect women and provide the safe space, support, and inspiration they need to grow in their careers. WIR has grown to more than 6,500 members since its founding in 2018. WIR is supported by esteemed sponsors including Adobe, Demandbase, Sendoso, 6sense, and others. For more information or to become a WIR member, go to: https://womeninrevenue.org

About GTM Partners:

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Atlanta, GTM Partners is the brainchild of B2B go-to-market industry experts Sangram Vajre, Bryan Brown, Lindsay Cordell, and Judd Borakave. The Go-To-Market Analyst firm helps organizations and GTM vendors to achieve efficient growth by transforming their GTM strategy. To understand more about their offerings for GTM vendors and members, please visit https://gtmpartners.com/.