WIR TV Channel 1: Episode 3 – Power Moms

Let’s face it: Burnout is real. It’s everywhere. Working mothers are feeling it, especially in recent years as the COVID-19 pandemic blurred the line between office responsibilities and family duties at home.

Approximately 9.8 million working mothers in the U.S. are suffering from workplace burnout. A reported one million working mothers stopped working altogether during the pandemic. Filling or choosing between these roles isn’t new, but the challenges of current events have made that decision even more difficult.

Women Can Have It All… Just Not Always At The Same Time

Balancing a career with having children is a tale as old as time, especially for women who have to work twice as hard to prove they can be successful as both a parent and a professional. For decades, women have been faced with the decision to choose family or a career, or they can ‘have it all’ but are met with roadblocks, struggles and challenges unique to their position in society.

WIR teamed up with Joann Lublin, author of ‘Power Moms’ and The Wall Street Journal‘s first career advice columnist, and Damaris Santiago, VP of Marketing at Skan, to explore their important insights on this topic.

Watch the episode for advice and expert perspectives on this important topic, moderated by Hana Jacover, Chief Hype Officer and Coach at Hype House Coaching.

WIR TV Channel 2: Episode 2 – Confidence

According to Forbes, women were rated as more effective than their male colleagues in critical areas such as taking the initiative, driving for results, bold leadership and building relationships.

However, in self-ratings, women are harder on themselves, suggesting their confidence lags behind their actual performance. Confidence comes from being secure in your own experiences and knowledge. Empathy is about the ability to understand and relate to others.

Check out or WIR TV episode on “Showing Up With Confidence and Leading With Empathy” where we speak to Latané Conant, author and CMO of 6sense and Sha-Kim Wilson, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships at Catchafire on why and how women must develop and deliver certain soft skills as leaders. This conversation dives into:

  • Cultivating your inner champion to demonstrate your confidence and get rid of imposter syndrome
  • Tackling difficult conversations
  • Letting go of the need to be perfect
  • Lean into values like empathy
  • Embrace the art of self-promotion

WIR TV Channel 1: Episode 2 – Sexual Harassment

Avoiding hard conversations does not lead to progress… Which is why WIR teamed up with Sarah Harkness, CRO at Cattle Dog Digital and Tarveen Forrester, Head of People Operations and Diversity at Tastemade to talk about a tough but incredibly important topic that is relevant to not only women in revenue generating roles but to all women and allies alike:

Why Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Must End Now

The 2022 Definitive State of Women In Revenue Report shows: One-quarter of women in professional services and revenue operations roles listed sexual harassment as one of their top three challenges. Minority women across roles also listed sexual harassment as a top challenge, with 29% of Hispanic/Latina, 27% of Native American, and 25% of Black respondents choosing it compared to 21% for all respondents. This is an issue that needs to be talked about and brought to light because it’s still pervasive in the workplace and steps must be taken both individually as well as at the corporate level to change this!

Watch this episode of WIR for an insightful and impactful conversation on why sexual harassment in the workplace must end now, and steps you can take to move in the right direction. 

WIR TV Channel 2: Episode 1 – The Power of Giving

WIR TV Channel 2 covers all topics related to accelerating, elevating, and winning. We kicked off our first episode with a real-talk conversation with executives from Sendoso, SurePoint Technologies, and Reseller Ratings on:

The Power of Relationships: Community and Giving as a Growth Driver

Human connection is everything. The world is now driven by authentic relationships which are nurtured whether business or personal. For business, and especially women in business, community matters and can make a tremendous difference in terms of growth.

This is why forging the right relationships and creating a virtuous circle of caring, connectedness and compassion through community and giving is a tremendous growth driver for both business and individuals. This episode covers:

  • Why community and giving matter now more than ever before
  • Why community and giving mean more for women in business
  • Ways to create personal engagements in a digital world
  • Why businesses should focus on community partnership, giving, and empowering women in revenue roles.

Check out the recording of this conversation with: Inger Rarick, SVP Customer Success @ Sendoso, Kris Rudeegraap, CEO @ Sendoso, Lydia Flocchini, CEO @ SurePoint Technologies, and Christina Kay, VP of Marketing @ Reseller Ratings.

WIR TV Channel 1: Episode 1 – Tech as a Strategic Support

WIR TV Channel 1 covers all topics related to equity, excellence, and inclusion. We kicked off our first episode with a real-talk conversation with executives from Leadspace and Adobe on:

Balance and Tech as a Strategic Support and Not a Weapon

Technology can be both a life-advancing, innovative, supportive tool as well as a harmful weapon. As with most things it depends on who is using it, how they are using it and for what intent. Women and men often differ in perspective and those differences apply to the use of tech. As we’ve become more dependent on technology, how are the varying uses across genders impacting:

  • Business outcomes
  • Availability
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Career growth

Check out the recording of this conversation with: Marge Breya, CMO @ Leadspace, Deb Rapson, SVP Sales @ Leadspace, and Ashely Penn, Sr. Director, DX Marketing, Measurement, Operations & Technology @ Adobe.

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